Thursday, October 18, 2012

cold drinks and leaves

An artist friend started an informal 'Art College' group to get people to think more freely about their work and to interpret ideas, an opportunity to experiment without pressure- art without the market. The 1st assignment was to take 2 unfinished pieces and combine them into a finished, purely aesthetic & non-functional object. 
The latter spec was natural enough for me- my paintings are mostly non-functional- but the idea of repurposing two works-in-progress or two abandoned works as 'raw materials' as someone put it, was not something I had done very often at all.
In my studio I had this 6"x6" collage/painting on wood (based on another painting of mine, made w/a print of a smaller piece..etc). It was grimy and flat and seemed in my eyes a lazy appropriation of my own work.  9"x14" wooden cabinet door I'd primed & painted leaves on, and had mostly used to prop open my window last spring until it fell out the window and broke, but I kept it around because I still thought I'd do something with it.
 I repainted parts of each piece then painted them the same color to blend their surfaces and nestled the smaller wooden square within the frame of the cabinet door; it looked simple and incongruous to me, and I thought vaguely of Rosenquist's random pop-art pairings- one creating a narrative for the other.
Even if that 'narrative' is a visual non sequitur. I had the fun of piloting two different picture planes and seeing where they landed.

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