Sunday, October 28, 2012

hold the phone

I was driving by an antiques place today, in between stacking jobs, when I saw this old telephone booth for sale. I nearly bought it in a burst of enthusiasm, but decided I'd better mull it over. I'm still thinking about what I might do with such a thing... install it in some larger interior space and turn it into a mini gallery to exhibit tiny works? A lending library for arty types? An intimate performance space?
It's similar to the booth I painted many years ago, the one that was adjacent to a diner upstate, and which finally disappeared, either sold or scrapped. It's not that I think it's the most beautiful thing ever, or that I view it through a haze of nostalgia; but I do find appeal in the repurposing of a once-ubiquitous, unremarkable little structure that is now nearly obsolete. Another way of saying, I want this, if I can somehow justify the acquisition. Otherwise it will have to take its place alongside the '71 orange/white pickup truck in my mental garage.

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  1. What were they asking for it? I always wondered what these things go for.