Sunday, September 23, 2012

miles to the gallon

Don't know why an entire week elapsed since my last post. Some of this, some of that. 
Here's a new painting, 8"x10" acrylic, of something I photographed a while ago. Price of gas has gone WAY up since. Why, I remember when it was fifteen cents. Okay, a buck fifteen. 

Sometimes you need one. 

Pie I made with almond crust & crumbly oat topping: strawberries picked earlier this season & frozen; peaches from the farmers mkt; rhubarb from the garden.

Two more 2"x2" collage/paint pieces. I have a lot of material and I like constructing them, with their suggestions of narrative. Six of the tiny works have sold in the show.
Drive a yellow convertible to LA, or turn it around and head up the coast into the candy-striped horizon.

The most beautiful view of these sherbet and slate colored hills, your apricot beret tilted rakishly and my striped scarf streaming behind me, as I steer our stylish car through the countryside.

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