Tuesday, September 11, 2012

hudson beach glass gallery pics

Some photos of the gallery installation of my paintings at Hudson Beach Glass. I borrowed old glass bottles from Dickinson's Antiques to display ten small works (fyi, the bottles are for sale, too). I've posted photos of these pieces before, so this is a revisiting in another context. The paintings in the show cover a span of the past 18 months except for Oilgags, which I thought went well with the others.

My friend suggested the spoon on top, which I liked. The better to enjoy.

me between two of my newest paintings

More photos of individual pieces to follow, especially the ones I haven't posted yet, or at least not in their entirety. The show is up through Oct 7 and the gallery is open every day. There was a good turnout at the reception and it was a fun evening.

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