Sunday, September 30, 2012

harvest moon

Another week has gone by, and now another September is over. Some things were accomplished:
a 7"x7" commissioned painting of a French horn; another 9"x13" painting I'd been working on; haircut; wood stacked; an attempt at meditation; a couple of arts-related meetings, postcards for Drive-By show picked up; time with friends; dogs and chickens cared for and occasionally chased; zucchini bread baked; late tomatoes picked; and so on.
Others, like credits or minutes, get rolled over into the next month.
Tonight, a harvest moon.
I've been reading some great books. But tonight, my eyelids droop, as I got meager sleep last night. Makes for a dreamlike day, like when the registration marks on a printed page don't line up, everything a bit blurred.

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