Thursday, September 13, 2012

e.h. at drive-by gallery

The Drive-By Gallery is part of Lift Trucks Project in Croton Falls, which I first mentioned in a June post after I visited. LTP is housed in a former forklift repair & service garage built in 1922, and contains artists' studios and a gallery. Part of this project is the Drive-By, the storefront display space facing out on Route 22, along which hundreds of cars crawl during evening traffic by the train station. Nearly twenty of my paintings will be inhabiting this space for the next three months. They range from slightly older work ('08-'09) to pieces created this year, and are installed on shelves, appropriately enough, like objects in an antique store window.
The start of the exhibition coincides with a political fundraiser to be held there this Saturday, Sept 15, 4-7 pm, for the reelection of Assemblyman Robert Castelli. Jazz, wine, politics, and my paintings on view; and in the gallery, some vibrant silkscreen prints by Tom Christopher.
Aside from this event, my work will be continually viewable from the street. As their website says, "Don’t get out of your car. Don’t meet any “Interesting” artists... View art from the comfort of your auto as you pass by. Located at 3 East Cross Street, at Route 22, Croton Falls, NY, 10519." However, visitors will be able to take info from the outside box and contact me. It is somewhat like creating a residency for my paintings outside of my studio.
Click here to see the neat page made for me on the LTP website to accompany the show.

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