Sunday, October 30, 2011

snow joke

This was a first for me (and maybe for the whole region), a late-October snowstorm when the leaves are still bright on the trees. Heavy and wet flakes, limbs bent to the ground. It was such a strange sight, beautiful, but I felt as though I'd lost track of time and slept for two months. Peering outside last night at the furiously whirling snow, shoveling and shivering. Followed by a sunny morning, the snow already melting, and the air smelling like fall again. People photographing their snow-topped pumpkins yet uncarved. The contrast of orange leaves and white-coated trees and wires, the mountain fading gold to white in a kind of reversed frost line, was an extraordinary thing to see. Losing power and heat, as well as all the trees that came down, not so attractive. A bit early in the season for all that. I'm going to optimistically posit that after this winter preview, we will resume our normally scheduled fall programming. Upcoming episodes include "Leaves falling" and "Thanksgiving dinner".

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