Thursday, October 13, 2011


Went on an outing this afternoon up the Taconic to Millbrook and the beautiful Innisfree, a 150-acre public garden reinterpreting Chinese landscape design. It was an overcast day with the drizzle holding off and the leaves brilliant against the gray sky. The garden meanders around a 40-acre lake, taking you on a walk along mossy waterfalls, stone terraces, lichen-covered rocks, and native plants. The colors were reflected in the water and it was all very quiet. Yesterday was similar weather and it felt good to work, but today I was happy to have a day to wander outside in the damp grass among the bright trees. In the village at the paint store I found some milk paint powders I'd been wanting to try. You mix them with water and they dry to a hard matte finish, and are these earthy vintage-type colors, the kind used on antique furniture, that I love. I bought three colors and I am looking forward to playing with them.

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