Sunday, October 23, 2011

apples to apples

When I helped plant tomatoes at Better Farm back in June I did not think I would be back for the last of the harvest in October, but yesterday afternoon found me climbing around in the raised beds behind the house, gathering the dozens of bright little cherry tomatoes still clinging to the vines. I went up for a short visit and am glad I did, even with all the driving. Time stretches out. Going for a walk along the long curving quiet roads with the yellow and red leaves fluttering down. Knitting, watching the dogs play.
I wondered if one could make a satisfactory dish from the crabapples in the yard, so I pulled down a bunch and baked them into a tasty crisp with a generous amount of sugar. The same apples that I'd drawn in the summer. Here is the 36"x36" oil painting I made using that drawing and memory as reference. It was on the wall at my open studio along with a Post-It that said "work in progress.. maybe", as I wasn't sure if I was finished, I'm still not sure, but for now I am.
The other photo is from a pie party I attended last week. A plenitude of pies covered the table and this was taken right before digging in, while we were still gazing appreciatively upon them. Mine, a homely caramelized apple-pear with an almond crust, is in the middle.

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