Thursday, October 6, 2011


October and it's nearly midnight and I haven't posted in a week, but now I need to go to sleep. This evening after attending a very nice awards event in Beacon to benefit our arts association, I went back to my studio to get things in order for the art fair I'm doing on Saturday in New Paltz. Nearly every day in the past two weeks I've been stacking wood, which doesn't, contrary to popular opinion, make for the most scintillating blog posts. I stack vast amounts and then I go to bed and sleep like a letter in an envelope, hardly moving for eight hours, waiting for the energy to return to my body. On Fri I treated myself to a wonderful, restorative professional massage, and now I want all my friends and family to get one and to have a weekly one myself, if only I could.
Saturday evening is also the closing party (5-8 pm, 137 Main St) and group show at Concrete Gallery in Cold Spring, where I exhibited in July. I will have several paintings up alongside work of the other artists who showed there this summer. One, I think, will be The Spot (posted recently), another will be a painting I did earlier this year and reworked, as I have begun to think about color in new ways. Color as a way of describing light without showing the direct effect of light. May revisit this when I am more awake. I remember a blog post from early summer at the farm which I titled "awake", when I was getting 5 hrs of sleep and feeling energized. Now we have moved into fall, the days are growing shorter, the light is changing and I seem to need more sleep. Speaking of which. zzz

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