Friday, September 26, 2014

remember your roots

It's been a staggeringly long time- most of September-  since I posted something, and I'm not even sure why, since I've been making work and doing stuff. The irony was that I'd originally planned this to be a make-and-post-a-painting-a-day month- but the required discipline and ability to ruthlessly, efficiently structure my time, eluded me. I made two 8x10" oil paintings right off the mark. But I felt there was a whiff of stagnancy about them. Though if I had persisted and done thirty of them, the number at least would demonstrate some kind of focus.  Nevertheless. It's not too late, as with most self-motivated practices. And I'll post twice a day to compensate.
Two weeks ago I made this painting for my nephew Ben for his 21st birthday. He may be legal now to order real beer- and has been well-versed in the responsible consumption of alcohol, and in fact ordered a flight of small amber-hued drafts at his birthday dinner- but he always liked root beer as a kid.

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