Sunday, August 31, 2014

out of sight

For the final day of August, another ice cream bar wrapper painting (part of this series). Fortunately, September is still a good month for ice cream.
I am noticing now that this is not the best photo. I will replace it shortly. The truth is I have finally gotten an iPhone, so I'm starting to take photos with it and upload them directly, but so far they're not looking so great- I know there's potential for taking decent pics with the phone camera, I just haven't learned how yet and when I sit down to study it, I just.. space out.

Oh, and.. these new paintings (and more) are for sale over in my Etsy shop.
And.. over in my Spreadshirt shop you can get 15% off a dummy light t-shirt through Sept 2. Though even after Sept 2, they're just $25 and are now available in several colors.

I may start an Instagram feed soon, which is something else I need to understand more about, but I think it involves posting work quickly and frequently, collecting oodles of followers and watching as they click links to 'buy this item' over and over. Must look into this. I'm seeing stars.

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