Friday, January 31, 2014

pete seeger

Right before I moved to Beacon seven years ago today, I was walking down the cold & sleepy Main St when I heard a crew of musicians playing what seemed to be a spontaneous concert and singalong on a corner near the creek. I remember thinking, "I'm not surprised. Of course there's music, this is Beacon, where Pete Seeger lives," but he was more a legendary figure I'd learned about when I first grew to love folk music. (The next thought was, "Oh I'm so moving here.") I didn't realize I'd actually see him around. When I did- and we never spoke, just a smile exchanged- I felt quietly pleased- a little awe, a lot of appreciation. I've loved seeing people sharing stories, songs, photos, and reflections this week, here in my community and far beyond. To live a life like that.

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