Sunday, February 9, 2014

winter favorite things

I'm in agreement on the crisp apple strudel and warm woolen mittens, even snowflakes on my eyelashes, to a point. Other current and perpetual favorites getting me through winter are (I should be paid for endorsing these products)…
1. my cozy insulated Berne work overalls, which in my enthusiasm I may have mentioned before
2. my yak trax, rubber things with metal spikes I pull onto my boots for traction on ice & snow
3. my vacuum-insulated Thermos that keeps coffee hot for hours (beloved in all seasons)
4. rich dark hot chocolate, sought out at cafes (let's say City Bakery or Vosges) or attempted at home
5. Smartwool thermals and socks
6. 'Working Hands' cream for dry hands and feet
7. australianScent (made in Beacon) lavender & geranium moisturizing balm
8. and then there's wood fires, hot showers, books, cashmere sweaters, sledding, winter dusks, movies, Club Draw, ukulele lessons, art shows, surprise flowering of indoor plants, rare sunlight almost warm through a window.

I would accompany all these with photos but #9 has claimed me: falling asleep clad in flannels beneath a down comforter.

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