Thursday, April 25, 2013

so much depends upon it

I completed this one recently and showed it at Open Studios last weekend. It's not the first painting of the gray wheelbarrow, but it's the biggest. Acrylic and milk paint on canvas, 16"x20". The wheelbarrow is retired for the next few months. Come late August, it will be my constant companion once again. What sturdy construction! Such durability over so many years! Officially it is the property of the Hauser estate, but I essentially seized it for the duration of the stacking season, and did depend upon it quite often.
Lest anyone think I've forgotten about another wheelbarrow I held close to my heart (see this post from Oct 2011), I still have that old metal Stow-n-Go, which I adored for its ability to come apart & fit in the car trunk. But this gray one is lighter and bigger and needs no assembly.
I'm thinking that may be enough wheelbarrow talk. No need to make people sorry they asked where I get inspiration for my work.

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