Sunday, April 14, 2013

blue jar; daffodil; sage

A few watercolors from the past week. Blue jar: because it has been sitting on my studio windowsill awhile after a friend spotted it at the antique store and said she must give it to me. (9"x12") 
Daffodil: because it's spring and I received an email saying, "Daffodils remind me of you." (9"x12")
Sage: because I just submitted a few sketches to the HV Seed Library in hopes of being chosen to do a Seed Art Pack, and this was one of my assigned varieties. (16"x20") Since I posted the small Eat painting and then learned it got into the Small Works show at the Woodstock Museum (opened yesterday), I suppose I'm hoping for a similar phenomenon to occur. Even if not, these attempts are good for my practice. 

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