Sunday, January 6, 2013

snow time

So we are well into the new year. I swigged, schmoozed, stacked, sledded and scribbled. I sketched a little and snacked a lot. I slept and I sniffled. Today a friend and I hiked up Mount Beacon, which I had not done in nearly two years, to my mild embarrassment (it is, after all, right here, and a good hike in every season), and I'd never climbed it in the snow. We slipped and slid but it was great fun and a beautiful mild winter day.
Atop Mt Beacon, or close enough to the top, anyway.

Hey, how's it going? Happy new year.

Little snowman, big rock.

Snow lady. I claim no credit for these sculptures; my friend made them. I love the dried flowers and bits. 

View of Beacon. There is nothing like seeing, from a great height, the buildings among which you walk, the streets you drive, and the river you cross. How small you must be!

I love winter light. Ten years ago I painted a picture of trees. Maybe it is time to do some more.

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