Friday, January 25, 2013

good on paper

The three 6"x8" works that I put in the Big Draw a couple of weeks ago were sold the first day, so I am contributing three more for the Big Draw actual party tomorrow evening in hopes of similar results:
Difficult to photograph this, as it's shiny & dark. Pop 5 cents. Oil/acrylic. A spinoff of my big Ice Cream Signs painting.

Le Divan Orange, a place I saw in Montreal last winter. Acrylic/ink.

All right, this Keeps Aluminum Brilliant is a watercolor from several years ago, I'll admit, but I never actually showed it.  The woman can see her face in the gleaming pan!

Details of the event: Sat Jan 26, 7-10 pm, upstairs at Hudson Beach Glass- 162 Main St, Beacon. It's a benefit, so $15 to get in. "Copious adult beverages" (says my invite), snacks, a photo booth where hilarity is sure to ensue, 6"x8" artworks to buy for $50 a pop (not 5 cents, alas) and a silent auction of two 11"x14" drawings, one of which is by me- which I will post tomorrow.

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  1. this sounds like a great time - Howd it go? hows beacon these days? i miss it. miss u too of course. nice works