Tuesday, December 4, 2012

put together

For the "day in the life" file. Today also happens to be the birthday of my older brother, one of my favorite people in the world.
I awoke and made almond-flour pancakes with last summer's frozen blueberries. I wrapped some calendars and mailed them (they arrived last week and I've begun to sell them, either directly- sold four just walking down Main St yesterday- or from Clay Wood and Cotton- at the shop, and soon to be for sale online). I went online and ordered insulated overalls for working outside in cold weather, and fancy black party shoes. Needless to say, not to be worn together. I did not have either of these items and they suddenly seemed essential.
I inquired at the library whether they'd let me re-install my big book in their window for the holidays, since it has Christmas lights inside (creating the infinity effect) and I thought it would look nice. Waiting to hear back. I started working on my telephone booth, cleaning it up and trying to figure out the lighting situation. With more indispensable help from another friend (I would be nothing without my friends) I began to understand how it is put together "by how it comes apart". I naturally want to place it somewhere on view as soon as possible, for fun, but I do not know where.
I began to help spray-paint the bicycle tree that my friend is constructing for a Beacon holiday display, to be installed in town. I think words will not aptly describe this structure made of bolted-together bike parts- rims, tires, wheels and frames- so I will photograph it this weekend when it is lit, with strands of solar-powered lights and topped with a small twinkling disco ball. The wind blew back the paint and coated my face and hair with a light silver mist.
I made a small work (6"x8") on paper- acrylic and collage (which was both spurred by and  the reference for an earlier piece, Red Record Player (if that makes sense), for a party/fundraiser auction this weekend for Re>Think Local. And I almost finished knitting my Ambitious Cowl Project, which taught me a few new techniques. There have been no photos lately because I left my camera upstate, but we are not missing much; truly, most of the photos would be of stacks of wood, since that's largely what I've been doing recently.

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