Monday, December 17, 2012

pick me up

Though my blog isn't intended to be any kind of discussion of news, politics, heartbreaking or horrifying or frustrating events, or any such things, even when that means I might not post because some terrible thing that happened elsewhere (not far from here, this time) but pervades the national consciousness with its profound sadness and horror makes me feel sad and disinclined to post for a few days. That was an appallingly-constructed sentence but I can't fix it because I'm too tired right now. 

My friend gave me this blue metal toy truck, which was nice. It is giving a ride to my little red car picture.

Below is a photo of my studio tonight, a partial view, in all its mess. It is like a sitcom set, with all the activity on one side, and just the door and things on the wall on the facing side. I hadn't spent a whole day there in a while, and it cheered me up. So did going out to parties and drinking over the weekend, but today was admittedly more productive. (Unless stacking wood while hungover is productive.)

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