Tuesday, December 11, 2012

half lit

I was pleased with myself for procuring my candles early, instead of the last-minute scramble. At Candlestock (yes, in Woodstock), no less. But then I could not find my menorah anywhere. After batting around a few ideas-- drilling holes in a piece of wood? Nine oranges?-- I inverted an egg carton, covered it with foil, and pierced holes with the wooden end of a paintbrush. The first night, I omitted the foil, and turned around a moment late to see- big surprise!- the carton aflame. So while this might look like a lazy kid's craft project, it has been thoughtfully constructed. However I am not taking my eyes away this time. I will ponder what it means to be resourceful, to use what is at hand, to appreciate what we find and the possibilities within humble objects. Plus, I could have eleven nights of Hanukkah this year.

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