Thursday, March 15, 2012

some storefronts

One of my repertories of subjects is storefronts and buildings, and while looking at some of my recent photos I realized I had quite a few. The ribbon-wrapped mannequins were in a window in the garment district in NYC, the firehouse was on the Lower East Side (I hit a lot of galleries last week). The rest are from Montreal. A fresh challenge presented by those glittering disco balls! Maybe I will tackle another one. Lots of murals including this black & white carport one. I liked the look of 'le divan orange', possible painting/drawing material. 'The Orange Couch' is also a cafe I visited in New Orleans last year. There are probably several of them around; I like the idea of collecting a series of these images.
PatatiPatata is an eatery where a friend at VSC recommended I go, and I was glad I did, it was cheap and really good (I had to try poutine at least once) and had this colorfully painted facade.

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