Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Dessertation: A short blog post featuring several paintings of sweets.
Again, a week has elapsed since the last post, which I ended with, "Here's to the next 100!" But the next 100 must start with a single word.

Key lime pie, one of the desserts served to us at VSC last month. In my estimation, all were delicious and waistline-expanding, as were all of the meals preceding them. I'd brought this back to my studio to paint (an excuse to also secure a late-night snack) and ought to have done more, but I kept eating them before I got the chance.
I bought this Nutella in Montreal. I'd only purchased the stuff once before, after a house-sitting stint brought me in close proximity to a jar which I then made short work of, and so replaced it, and promptly ate half of, and finally remembered why I don't ever buy it. I have enough temptations. The urge resurfaced last week and it seemed like a French thing to eat (another bogus excuse), plus the glass with its plastic lid is a fine example of 'planned repurposing' (design-speak!) of the product after its original contents were (swiftly) depleted.
'Sabarskytorte' mit schlag (chocolate-rum torte with whipped cream), from Cafe Sabarsky at the Neue Galerie in NYC. One of my favorite museums, and one of the best cafes, it serves an Austrian-influenced menu including exquisite desserts such as this. It is the closest I will get to a real Viennese cafe for the foreseeable future. Again I ought to have photographed every dessert I and my companions have ever eaten there, so I can paint them. This only means I will have to return soon and order something else. I love the Sachertorte especially, with its apricot confiture and dark glaze. My homemade version has been received well for its tastiness and tremendous infusion of love, though it is decidedly more rustic in appearance.


  1. Those glass Nutella jars make mighty fine juice glasses. Really dig 'em. I brought back another one from my last trip from Germany with a handle. Makes for a nice teacup

  2. Hi Chris! A handle, that's another perfect justification for buying a jar of Nutella.