Monday, November 14, 2011

thirteen verbs

(which aren't that super at all, but this word is one of my motifs and this new version is oil, 16"x20" white on white, and hopefully I'll be feeling it soon)

...that have occupied my time besides sleeping and hesitantly eating
1. stacking some wood, sometimes with a helper to pick up some of Stack's slack
2. knitting, only scarves so far, but I choose special yarn to make them all interesting
3. listening to the Big Broadcast on FUV, one of my favorite programs when I'm by a radio on a Sunday night
4. applying optimistically for a NYFA 2012 painting fellowship
5. reading in the bath and missing the mineral springs
6. buying an unlikely red dress for a nonexistent occasion
7. organizing my list of every painting I've done since 2001 & reflecting on each year of production/ progress (or lack thereof)
8. cutting back and dead-heading some plants
9. contributing two paintings to a current show at Mill St Loft's riverside gallery in Beacon
10. walking the road I grew up on and loving it as much as I ever did, during a quiet autumn afternoon
11. thinking about what a really crazy world we live in
12. wondering if anyone reads my blog now that I am living a prosaic life and not at a residency, checking my stats and wishing I hadn't
13. reasoning that it's about the practice of writing posts, not whether they are looked at, and recalling that I forget to look at blogs myself

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