Sunday, November 6, 2011


floating leaves, oil, 12"x16"

this is the squash painting on masonite I finished last week, 8"x10"

Here are a couple seasonal paintings and here's hoping I am fully up and running again soon. No need to report further on this bellyache that's been keeping me under the weather. I've never had a stomach bug for this long, and my productivity has plummeted, both in terms of painting and wood-stacking. Not that anyone asked me, but this is really the worst time to get sick, when there is the most work for me to do. Well, maybe the worst time would have been in May or June when I was away happily art-making in new places and feeling vibrantly healthy. I usually AM vibrantly healthy, so I feel I have been undermined by whatever monster has taken up residence in my midsection.. but better days will be comin', I'm sure. Anxiety will do no good at all.

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