Thursday, November 10, 2011

between naps

Still lying low and sleeping a lot, so I'm not up for much but realized that I did not yet post a photo (on this blog anyway) of this recently completed painting I'd started in June. It's 30"x30" oil on canvas, the window of the Casa Grande trading post and turquoise mining museum in Cerrillos. A lot of bottles.
The only other interesting thing I've made lately was a birthday cake for my dad, which came out homely but delicious, with a thin layer of orange marmalade between the dark-chocolate torte and its chocolate glaze. I did eat a slender slice of this, but otherwise have been cautious and birdlike in my eating, and lately reflecting upon my relationship to food. A stomach bug will do that, I've found. I am trying to see a positive side to this altogether unpleasant experience, possibly learning something about myself which will help in the future. That, and reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being.

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