Saturday, April 11, 2015

fresh up

'Fresh Up' is a selection of my soda-related paintings to inaugurate the 3B Gallery at Beacon Bath & Bubble, opening tonight 6-9pm at 458 Main St. The soaps and suds have been in business there for a long time, and the owner recently added vintage soda pop for sale- well, the brands and label designs are vintage, but the drinks in their colorful glass bottles are fresh and fizzy. My work seemed thematically apt, as you can perch at a white metal cafe table and crack open a cold one while you contemplate it.

The 10 pieces are a mix of older and newer. Drink this and that. The only one not specifically soda is Creamsicle from the ice cream wrapper series, but the guy is apparently a 'soda jerk' behind a fountain, so it works, and perhaps will interest more people in dropping by to see more of them next month at Beacon Open Studios. As the past couple years, I'll be using the back space of Catalyst Gallery to show recent paintings and to sell some of those delightful Beacon dummy light t-shirts and mugs.

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