Sunday, April 12, 2015

coffee and tee

I'm mining the past few months for some of the pictures and bits of info that I didn't post during my blog hiatus (what else can I call it?). On Facebook, posts whiz by and are swiftly forgotten, and I'm not on Instagram (yet), and I can't update my own website (embarrassing admission!),  so this is still my main way of collecting the ephemera of my activities in one virtual place. There is the Catalyst blog as well, which is an extension of my projects when I'm the one co-organizing a group show, as was the case twice this winter. February was our Coffee and Donuts Show, for which I painted this one (14"x18" acrylic on canvas), based on a vintage photo I found of a Krispy Kreme. 

This is just me modeling the newest iteration of my Beacon dummy light shirt, in slate gray. I sold some at the holidays and thought I'd revive the marketing now that it's nearly short-sleeve weather. All sizes for men and women, some men's in black, kids sizes in white/black and baby onesies. $24 and available through my Etsy shop or by emailing me directly at It's about time to don my orange vest and touch up the actual light itself, it's looking scuffed after a rough couple years.

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