Sunday, March 9, 2014

cocoa channel

March trudges along. I drink a lot of cocoa. I practice my ukulele. Songs I am attempting to learn: Folsom Prison Blues; Where Have All The Flowers Gone; Tide Is High; Paint It Black; Yellow Submarine. I say 'attempting' because to say I am actually learning them is optimistic at best. Though I am definitely learning some chords, it's the stringing them together in a timely fashion as to resemble a tune part where I falter. But it is still fun.
I stack firewood. The jobs for me are slowing down but there are still a few and I'm glad. I crunch through dirty snow and ice, hacking away at the layers with a shovel or hurling two frozen-together pieces at the ground to break them apart.
I take walks and swipe at my runny nose. It feels good to expend energy, to feel strong after lying around feebly for over a week, though my mind is still sluggish.
I visit a few different Hudson Valley towns one afternoon, seeing some new galleries and shops, eating too much and taking a couple photos of old diners. I note ideas for things I want to copy or buy or research. I wanted to see something new without going far, and yet I felt too tired to do any actual work. I did not attend art fairs this weekend, it required several different kinds of energy I could not summon. I make a few plans for when I'm feeling more focused. For myself, and for the gallery. In the meantime I read a lot and resumed an abandoned knitting project.
Last week I had to report for possible jury duty, which consisted of sitting in a chilly courtroom for 7 hours one day, reading and dozing. To my groggy relief I did not get picked but somehow this minor ordeal sapped my energy anyway. I think this week I can finally work in my studio for awhile, I have projects I need to do for people and I'd started two paintings a month ago.
Apparently I've left a mug of milk out on the counter for two hours, with a plan for cocoa with honey, but had forgotten it. I did remember to put oil in my car the other day. Someone said, "I never have to add oil between changes!" But I've driven more than twelve thousand miles since August.
It's not too late for the cocoa.

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