Wednesday, November 13, 2013

seed money

 Coming soon, next year's calendar! It will be here in time to make a super gift for those upcoming holidays. Hanukkah being hot on the heels of Thanksgiving this year, it's a little close, but I think I'll have it by then. They'll be for sale at the gallery, online (details soon), and probably by arranging to meet me on street corners and at bars with my briefcase full of calendars.

Last Saturday I went to the opening in Kingston of the Seed Pack Art show and picked up some of the brand new packs. Seeing the original art was wonderful- work by 20 or 24 artists, and so many different mediums and shapes, and then to see how the art was developed to fit the pack design. It was such a colorful show. I meant to take photos of the other work but ended up with only this one pic of my own piece.

A collection of some packs in a handmade box, crafted by Jon from salvaged wood for this very purpose, so I could give them to a friend for her birthday. The packs are now for sale online from the Seed Library. More gift ideas. What next, t-shirts and prints? Why yes. T'is the season.

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