Monday, November 25, 2013

catalyst small works show

This is one of the projects I'm busy with lately- organizing this big group show for Catalyst Gallery in December. It's been fun collecting all the work- we're going to install the show next week- over 120 pieces of art. I'll have a few pieces up- not brand-new, but close enough. Also by then I should have calendars, some new prints and the t-shirts for sale at the gallery and by mail.
There is also Thanksgiving and Hanukkah this week! I've found my menorah, so no need to repurpose an egg-carton again, and have planned my pies. Pumpkin and pecan. First time I ever cut turkeys and star-of-david cookies out of the same round of dough. Yesterday the temperature plummeted and found me freezing as I transported wood with numbed fingers, but I need that sort of exercise to combat the turkey-feast-and-latkes-party one-two punch.

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