Sunday, September 15, 2013

financially stable

A few photos from the horse show opening. The gallery of ArtsWestchester is in a former bank, and my five paintings were installed in the vault, which looks now just like a small gallery room with a big round doorway. The circular door was about 2 ft thick. I decided to let all wordplay drop, once I said something about 'horse cents' and was met with a blank look. "Come on!" I laughed, sloshing my chardonnay.

The other three. (First two were in the previous post.) Left to right, Field Horse, Grazing Horse, and Night Horse.

Find the horse in this picture. As I'd said, difficult to photograph. But it's meant to be the color and texture both of a dirty-blond late-winter-colored horse and of the similarly dun-colored hill she grazed upon.

 Inadvertently knocking my painting askew. 

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