Monday, August 19, 2013

filling in

Here are several more photos from my residency week. I hadn't been able to get online for a few days-- I'm away again this week, with my family on Keuka Lake, also upstate and west (Finger Lakes)-- but time-sensitivity is not really an issue here, though it was for other tasks (such as renewing my domain name for my website before it expires in 43 minutes). 

Plattekill Falls, just beyond the cabin.

Little red cabin, with the falls just past those trees. My easel by the bench.

Tree-lovers spotted on a hike.

This 8"x10" oil painting started with a surface color and then drawing the leaf outlines freehand with a thin brush.

The table inside where I worked at night, or when the wind blew and the rain fell.

The finished piece (not the best photo), each leaf neatly painted. Background is more of a citron pale green. This was a different method from another one I began with a looser messier approach. My process photos rarely seem to convey what it actually feels like to me to paint, but I snap a pic every now and then when I remember.

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