Saturday, February 2, 2013

website for catalyst

Our website and blog for Catalyst Gallery is now up,! It currently has the basic information about the gallery space and about Beacon, and we will continue to add photos, updates and content. Now I have to keep up with two blogs. There may be some cross-posting, I suspect. I'm doing it already- the below is from today's first 'welcome' post, even though I wrote about it last week. Putting the word out, however, will be a big part of what will make it work:

We are two artists, Erica Hauser and Jon Reichert, who live in Beacon. Recently, a beautiful storefront became available in a prime location on the west end of Main St. We decided to rent it and in turn, make it available to others to rent on a monthly basis for exhibitions, installations, or any sort of creative project. The tenant before last was a successful gallery, so the smooth white walls, clean floors and lighting were already in place. We built a wall and door to divide our gallery space from the back, where we have small studio spaces and a rear door to a parking lot. This left us with over 400 square feet and plenty of wall space to offer to artists interested in using it for a show, a temporary shop, a performance, a new curatorial venue...  Possibilities abound!
A short-term rental situation makes it possible for people to try out an idea or find new exposure for their work in a vibrant community that supports the arts. Beacon is only 60 miles north of NYC and draws lots of visitors from the city, many of whom see our windows right away as they walk along Main St.
We are looking forward to exhibiting our own work at Catalyst, and we're excited to be able to offer the space as an independent alternative to a more standard gallery model. It will bring something new to town each month, and we won't be sure just what, but we know it will be interesting.

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