Wednesday, February 20, 2013

at the office

Did I post this already, our sign for the gallery window? Jon built it and I painted it.

Another day at the phonebooth office. Thinking, I really ought to update my blog, seeing as no calls are coming in.

Installation view as you enter the gallery. The heart draws you in and the turning wheel hooks you.

I put these tulips my mother gave me in the phone booth before I even realized how apropos they were, tulips being among the chattier flowers. Two lips? (Weak pun?)

I made this drawing a year ago and finished it last month.  Pencil/pastel, framed 12"x16". Followed by small Carvel painting with black background- as I'd seen the sign at night- but I had a batch of brightly colored paper. Felt carnivalesque. I still have a lot of the paper and I should use it, even the screaming blue and speckled violet sheets.

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