Thursday, May 24, 2012

boot camp

Time to get this artist's arse whipped into shape. I just got accepted to NYFA's boot camp program for artists based in New York State! It is an intensive weekend upstate in June, two days of classes, training, networking and other stuff I don't do very often. It focuses on the professional and business side of the creative practice. They say I can expect it "to spark goals and help to define concrete steps while providing individual and group feedback." Plus there is an event in July at Golden Artist Colors, maybe involving free paint (I made that part up. But we do get a free book, called The Profitable Artist, which may sound like a contradiction in terms but it is my modest dream). I thought this sounded like a really useful program for me to do as a follow-up to the residencies, which were more about making new work and being immersed in different environments, as well as meeting people. I will get to do that here too, and hopefully work on some of the business aspects that stymie me so. I am excited.

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