Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more photos

A taste of the Better life, as well as two of the paintings I've completed. One is from Abiquiu (el Pinon), the other is an adding machine I saw in Cerrillos that I liked. For me, taking the photo starts the painting in my mind, and I see it the way I want to paint it. Sometimes the object I photograph is enough in itself; nothing I need to do with it; this jumbled old sign on the side of a barn is an example. I'm bouncing back & forth between images I took from my time in New Mexico, and impressions of my surroundings here, as well as the building commission. Feels good to do this. Also to see the full moon from two different places, two months in a row. Last night, I watched it rise over the trees and then, back in the barn, made a moon painting (6") while listening to strains of violin wafting across the yard.
Other pics: peacing out in the garden, tree felling, lake jumping (or, uh, cowering), and some pretty flowers sweetly gathered.

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