Friday, June 3, 2011

better farm

One of the ideas behind Better Farm is that every experience can be an opportunity for growth, and if this is so, then up I grow. Maybe this is what's known as 2 steps forward, 1 stumble backward and land ass-over-teakettle in the mud. The 2 steps forward were the 2 artist residencies- the backwards part involved, 10 minutes after I'd arrived at the farm, spilling water in my backpack and most likely destroying my computer. It's been drying out but it don't look good, and so I haven't been online til today, on a friend's laptop. The days since I returned from NM passed quickly and soon I was on the road up to Better Farm in Redwood, NY. It's beautiful here in the middle of lush green fields, more wide-open sky and lakes all around. I'm used to this landscape having grown up in New York State, but the North Country is still different and will be a lovely place to spend a month.. I'm just rather distracted & anxious about my computer.. the last thing I wanted is to spend my early days here despairing over this. I try to get perspective by thinking of the people whose possessions (and loved ones) were wiped out by recent tornados. This is but one object- albeit an important, not-easily-replaced one. Hoping that my recent luck will kick in. On my way up, cruising along in the truck with windows down (no AC) & music blasting, large canvas blocking my rearview, I got pulled over for speeding- hadn't even noticed the cop. Either I managed to charm him or he was just feeling merciful, for he let me off without a ticket. 
So I might not be posting much this month unless I can sort this out. 
Other than that, I arrived to a houseful of friendly people and dogs, ate a communal dinner and settled into the human-scale birdhouse where I'll be staying. It's not in a tree, but at the edge of the yard next to the garden. 
My studio space is located in a large barn that was recently renovated with big windows, lighting & white-painted walls. In the morning, I open the back door and stand facing east, drinking coffee, watching tall grass wave in the breeze. Late afternoon sun slants through the front windows. I've never painted in a barn in the middle of such a place, and it's easier to forget that the internet exists or that my computer may be ruined. If so, here's hoping that my backup drive at home will step up to the task. Sure is an opportunity for growth.
I did a 2" painting of trees and field and have begun work on a few large canvases. I actually have a commission to work on, of an 1856 building in Perry, NY that someone asked me to paint- his office building. (Anywhere else I'd say it's "upstate" and jerk my thumb vaguely upward, but from here it's 3 hrs south.) The canvas is 36"x36", largest I've worked since the Cityscape last winter. I want to go back & forth among several pieces, some reflecting this green setting and some based on inspiration I found in New Mexico. For now, I'll leave the barn door open and listen to the breeze and the birds while I work. 


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