Tuesday, May 10, 2011

windows and chairs

Here is some new work I've just done. Two are 6"x6" acrylic on wood paintings of local facades with windows. I was already working on them when I saw the Waldrum paintings (see below) and felt a connection. I am still unable to arrange the photos in the order I intend. Anyway, I am looking forward to venturing further afield to see more buildings (such as the old churches and storefronts in nearby historic towns) and especially more of the landscape.
There is also a 9"x12" canvas of a storefront (closed) that I liked the look of, bright in the midday sun. Though the photo, bafflingly, seems to have flattened and distorted it.
The others are 6"x8" gouaches on paper, one of a red chair in the bright morning sun (a theme here, to be sure) and one from a photo I took back home that I wanted to do a painting of, I liked the orange and blue seats and I'm sure some Beacon folks will recognize them. I did bring some reference photos with me, including a few from my Feb trip to New Orleans, when I had time only to snap pics. It's nice being able to work from them, and I will post some of those paintings at some point.
It's also nice that I received the "local" rate when I visited the baths again last night. I'm a local! At least for a month. There is nothing quite like soaking for half an hour, then slowly bicycling home under the huge starry sky.
In other news, I am pleased to have just sold my Cityscape with Water Tower painting to someone in CA who had viewed my website through another's link. This is certainly fortuitous timing!

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