Tuesday, May 3, 2011

a good sign

It really is sunny here every day. I wake early to find it streaming through my windows. I like working in natural daylight, so it suits me quite well, as plenty of light comes through the big street-facing studio windows. I've strewn my stuff over two large tables and can't believe I ever managed to work at my little desk/table all these years. Well, usually I sprawled on the floor, and did spread everything around, but it wasn't the best way to work, as anyone who ever lived with me would point out. I was looking over some little finished pieces I'd brought with me, and in the bright light I could see all the floor lint caught in the varnish. Now, I do like texture, I don't really fuss over bits of this and that, it's part of the work and I feel it reflects who I am, somewhat rough and shabby but also, hopefully, of a tactile, vibrant and genuine nature.
I'd inadvertently brought some mismatched stretcher bars, so I stopped by the local art supply shop yesterday. Closed, but he let me in to grab a few, as well as a bottle of gesso. I'd also packed pre-stretched canvases, but I wanted options. On my way out, he asked if I'd tried the water yet. "You mean THE water?" I asked. There are more than a dozen hot springs joints in town. I've received several recommendations already, and I think this needs to happen today, so I plan to take a soak before returning to the studio. Life is tough.
So far I made some drawings and a 9"x12" gouache (opaque watercolor) on paper, which may be a study for a larger painting. There are many good 50's era signs here. This one has the bonus of the excellent star on top, as well as the classic sentiment. Until I was painting it, I didn't notice the connection between the Jesus line and the $33 rate. Keep it in mind when you visit.

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