Saturday, August 1, 2015

taking the heat

It's August 1 and a fine day to revive the blog, which went into another prolonged dormancy. Despite claiming earlier this year that I would not let such a lapse occur again, I did, and I'm sheepish once more. Recently I started an Instagram page (Follow me!) a nice quick way to put my images out there with (or without) a few words attached. Soon I will understand more about how to use it effectively. Or, maybe I won't, just as I never quite learned how to best use my blog. However, doesn't take a tech whiz to point out snidely that posting regularly is a good start.
I'm thinking of ways to make this easier, like possibly integrating the blog into the website. While we are at it, how about updating the content of the website too? Perhaps some paintings completed in the past year? Maybe refine that joke of an artist statement? No, I can't take it easy on myself any more. I was busy this spring, and it was great, but I've got to focus on this while I'm not yet too busy stacking wood and complaining about the weather. (I've actually begun stacking again, but just occasionally so far.) And how can I devote a post to my new wheelbarrow (!) if I'm not posting? I ask you.

Anyway, here are thirty delicious popsicles I painted in June, each 7" square, 1/4" thick, acrylic on wood. They are for sale in my online Etsy shop  or email/message me to purchase. Flavors subject to availability. With this nonstop aggressive marketing push, it's a wonder I have any left.

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