Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's been a couple weeks since my last post and I have an odd but agreeable smattering of projects I did in that time:

I painted this box (which Jon made) as a wedding gift for two friends. I loved mixing these colors and alternating them with the natural wood. What if this was all I painted from now on- patterns and shapes? Between this and the Ellsworth Kelly lightbulb, I'm enjoying it. Paintings as an abstracted arrangement of forms to resemble reality, right? Thing is, I don't really believe it yet, for myself- there's got to be more to the story of a painting. I am thinking about those puzzle toys that look like random shapes until you sort them into a recognizable object of your design.

5"x5". This adorable and recognizable object was a commission. It looks a lot like an unbearably cute beagle. I started with the eyes and worked my way out, so I had only myself to blame for the feeling that the pup was waiting for me to finish painting it, as one might wait to be fed a treat.

Following up on the strawberries sign for the farm, blueberries was next. The large scale makes them resemble blue pomegranates, but the accompanying word should clear up any uncertainty.

A 5"x7" acrylic/collage on canvas, the collage part from a print of my ice machine watercolor.

A 7"x8.5" acrylic/collage on wood, also made from a print of a long-ago painting. This was an old pump I'd pass by for years, until one day, of course, it was gone.

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