Friday, May 23, 2014

spring loaded

So I was the only one who parked right under a cherry tree during a rainstorm. Came out to find spring all over my car. They stuck like wet pink cornflakes for a couple days, every time I drove they would fly from the hood, a party on wheels. 
Other things in the past 2 weeks: I installed a selection of work from the Open Studios kickoff group show (which was only up May 2-4) at the local Rhinebeck Bank (up through June 30). I spread 180 cubic ft of mulch in my mom's garden. I planted my herbs and lettuces in pots. I painted a dresser that ended up looking a bit like a landscape, at least to my eyes- what I would paint if I was an abstract artist, which I am, at times- colors rearranged into shapes and flattened. Or is it shapes rearranged into colors. I spend time thinking about the colors but then they just happen and it feels too easy, making me daydream about abandoning 'representative' (figurative I guess) painting for colored shapes in the Ellsworth Kelly vein, or flattened Calder mobiles- reducing images to oblongs, circles and stripes and then explaining it later, or not. I think I'll have to make a painting of a car and then splatter it with pink spots. Maybe it feels too much like play because someone else has already done the work and I've only internalized it. How would we know? Then I went to a store & saw a book that perkily suggested painting a dresser in graduating tints of a color like a paint-store chart. And I remember, all I'm ever really doing is moving paint with a bunch of hairs bound to a stick.

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