Sunday, April 27, 2014

swing and a miss

I hadn't posted this drawing yet- another 9"x12", similar to a big painting I did in 2012, itself based on a Rudy Burckhardt photograph. I just had all these drawings in our recent show (closed today) at the gallery, and only a few sold, so they are also available for purchase online at my Etsy shop, called, easily enough, EricaHauserArtist. Pretty good prices for original drawings I must say- I just want to get them out there.

Also I did not in fact get accepted to that Dorsky Museum show I entered recently. Followed by another "Sorry, nope" from a (admittedly random) NYC gallery that put out a call. So I'm batting 0 for 4 (or 5?) this year already. Might stop entering stuff for awhile, just focus on making. And then putting more of the effort into finding opportunities that my work is more suited to, rather than shot-in-the-dark theme & juried calls. There is a mild disappointment, but it never means very much because I rarely learn why my work wasn't selected. Swing and a miss. (Springtime baseball announcer, Sunday afternoon game on the TV.) Sigh and a shrug.

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