Monday, December 9, 2013

light spots

Startled to realize I haven't posted since before Thanksgiving. Then there was Hanukkah.. then there was the Small Works show to be installed and publicized and feted and all of the stuff that went along with that- then a gallery (and phone booth) to be decorated and a lot of wood to be stacked and a ukulele to be practiced. Calendars to be promoted and more cookies to be made and all the rest to recover from, just another December and we haven't even made it to the solstice yet. Keeping busy and being among friends is the light that pushes back the darkness.
Never too many photos of the view from the Cobleskill house, especially on a snow-dusted Thanksgiving sunrise.

It was nice to be able to light menorahs with my family this year. Here's mine from a later night.  Hanukkah always goes by so quickly. Can I celebrate it again in January with latkes?

Oh yes, the calendars! For sale at the gallery on weekends & by appt and at the Cherrybomb pop-up shop also on Main St, and by dropping me an email ( $16.

If you listen quietly you can hear the five golden rings.

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