Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the 'new..nifty..thrifty' edsel

The 1960 Edsel. Acrylic, 24"x36". Car's so long it doesn't even fit on a single page of its promo booklet, but is splayed across the binding. This canvas seemed just right for it. I am probably going to change the colors of the shapes, whatever they are. I was going for a kind of abstract-but-vaguely-reminiscent-of-showroom and/or open road and also mod 60s design.
I've been working on a few freelance art projects (life-size headless plywood people, anyone? Photos soon) and also went to PA for the 4th. Rode my bike around town armed with cups of paint and two brushes to edit the start time on the 6 farmer's market signs I made last summer. Initially ventured out last night before dusk, ignoring the gathering clouds, started to fix two signs and then the rain came down. Finished today in the sun. The things artists will do for free produce.
However, this artist was very lucky to drop by the paint shop in Fishkill the other day and come away with a shopping cart full of free 'oops' paint. I am very grateful for this gift, for even though he said nicely, with an impatient wave at the shelf of cans, "Get them outta here," I hadn't expected such generosity. It's fun to paint big.

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